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20. December 2023
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29. September 2023
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Das Columbus

Home port for great discoveries

Feast until you capsize

At some point, all of the greatest seafarers in history realised one thing: The world is not a board! But what they didn’t know: a board can mean the world – if on top of it you find a large portion of our delicious ribs. Or a real Columbus burger with 200 grams of juicy beef, cheddar and bacon. Simply wonderful! We serve it with crunchy fresh salads, followed by a fluffy “Mohr im Hemd” or a cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

In order to keep your ship from listing, we recommend that you always fill your ballast tanks with sufficient liquids. For example with one of our homemade lemonades, a tasty beer or two, or a drink from our extensive gin and cocktail menu.

Fresh from the region

Columbus was not only a great explorer, he also brought potatoes and tomatoes from America to Europe. Luckily, that is no longer necessary today. We buy our ingredients in the region. That way they don’t need to travel halfway around the globe, but are guaranteed to arrive fresh in our galley, in many cases in organic quality.

When it comes to our beers, we pay attention to diversity and like to change things up regularly: Ottakringer, Paulaner, Heineken, Augustiner Bräu, Tegernseer, the Stiegl Columbus 1492 Pale Ale, and more. But since everything always tastes best at home, we recommend our Columbus Hausbier.

And in terms of coffee, we stick to tradition. Our coffee comes directly from the Pascucci family roastery near Rimini and is a true Italian – just like Columbus was, somehow (allegedly).
Tip: From March to September we serve delicious ice cream made by Eis Greissler.

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